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I’m running for city council to bring people together for a common purpose–to ensure this is a great city for all of us, not just some of us.

I am committed to a city that welcomes new residents and is a place our seniors want to stay; a city that is dynamic and diverse, where businesses invest and grow and we shop in our neighborhoods. I am working to build a city with great public places, where families can buy healthy food at a corner store and young people can safely walk and bike to school.

I envision a city that values our earth and environment, and understands that the healthy existence of each and every resident depends on our commitment to combating climate change.

I am dedicated to bring public and private leaders together to end disparities in education and employment based on race, reclaiming our city’s reputation as providing economic opportunity for all.

I envision a city where we are connected – within our neighborhoods, between North and South Minneapolis, and to the region. Where we re-open Nicollet at Lake Street, build a 21st century transit station at Lake and 35W, and can ride Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to jobs downtown and throughout our region.

Local government is a place where creative change can happen if authentic partnerships exist between policy makers and the grassroots. I’m committed to partnership with you!



       Green City Leadership

Prepare for the next transportation generation: enhanced bus service and streetcars; increase investment and improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists

Prioritize energy efficiency improvements for buildings, one of the most important actions to reduce greenhouse gases

Support urban agriculture and healthy food availability in all neighborhoods

Increase options for renewable energy like solar and wind, moving us toward energy independence

Reclaiming Economic Opportunity for All

End race-based disparities in employment and education. The city must lead by example and work with private and non-profit partners to focus on results

Grow job opportunities in key industry areas, including green industries and the arts

Attract businesses to our neighborhoods and help them succeed

Building a Welcoming Community

Ensure new residents and new Americans are welcomed to our communities; build understanding between residents of different races and cultures

Support seniors who want to age in their homes; value the contributions of young people

Ensure our city provides excellent and equitable basic services, maintains a solid financial foundation, and embraces a culture of continuous improvement and customer service

Focus attention on problem properties; prioritize safe neighborhoods

Champion efforts to end sex trafficking of children and young adults and increase youth violence prevention strategies

Strengthen neighborhoods by keeping people in their homes and preventing foreclosure; support home improvement options and continueto increase affordable housing

        Connect Our Neighborhoods

Enhance development along Lake Street through the planned regional transit hub at 35W/Lake and by reopening Nicollet at Lake Street

Encourage transit-oriented development along key corridors, including 38th Street, Nicollet, and Chicago