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DFL Caucus March 1, 2016! Registration begins 6:30 pm

I hope you are ready to Caucus on March 1, 2016!  Registration begins at 6:30 pm, the Caucus will start at 7:00 pm.  You can find out where you caucus here.

What is a caucus?

An opportunity to meet your neighbors.

An opportunity to vote for your candidate for United States President.

An opportunity to influence the DFL party platform and choose the DFL candidates for state and local office.  You will be able to elect delegates to the next level DFL convention, vote to support resolutions to the party platform, hear from candidates for office, and more.

You can find out more about DFL Caucuses and Conventions at the DFL website here.

I hope to see you on Caucus night, March 1, 2016!

A Year-End Celebration with Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden

Please join us for  a Year-End Celebration with

Council Vice President  Elizabeth Glidden


Monday, December 29, 2014, 5:30-7:30 pm


Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC)

3749 Chicago Avenue South


Ready for Fire Arts, made from heat spark & flame?  Explore CAFAC’s beautiful space and the arts and culture hub at 38th and Chicago – home to The Third Place Gallery, Covet Consign & Design, City Food Studio, and more.


Delectable tidbits provided by our beloved Tiny Diner, Kyatchi, and by Lake Wine & Spirits. What a fun evening!


with Congressman Keith Ellison

and Mayor Betsy Hodges

and Co-hosts:

Andrea Jenkins + Camille Gage & Patrick Mulligan + Javier Morillo-Alicea + Jim Kumon & Faith Cable Kumon + Shalini Gupta + Robert Tennessen + Donna Cassutt + Vic Rosenthal + Russ Adams + Pat Mulloy & Nancy Mulloy + Ethan Fawley + Metropolitan Council Member Adam Duinick + State Senator Jeff Hayden + Ben Schweigert + Melinda Ludwiczak + Titilayo Bediako + Kelly O’Brien + Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn + Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene + Mike Stebnitz + Betty Tisel & Sarah Farley + Molly Sullivan & Sam Rockwell + Representative Jim Davnie + Peggy Lucas + Pam Costain & Larry Weiss + Herman Milligan + Sarah C Walker + Evette McCarthy + Darrell Gerber + Jill Garcia + Jason Cassady + Board of Estimate and Taxation President David Wheeler + Noel Raymond + Andy Rubenstein & Jim Rubenstein + Nicole Pettit + Cynthia Callanan & John Berg + Jeanne Massey + Journey Gosselin + Minneapolis School Board Director Tracine Asberry + Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Steffanie Musich

RSVP on Facebook

Suggested Donation:

$25 * $50 * $100 * $250

Contribute online at

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 10.26.14 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 10.10.48 PM

Click on image to learn more about Elizabeth, her commitment to the Eighth Ward, and her vision for a better Minneapolis.

For SOMALI  translation.

For SPANISH translation.

Election Night Thank You Party!

Meet at King’s Wine Bar

Tuesday, nov. 5 | 7:30pm
4555 Grand Ave S  Minneapolis, MN 55419
Campaigns for Elizabeth Glidden, John Quincy, Brad Bourn, and Steffanie Musich will meet for election results, analysis, appetizers, and to thank our amazing volunteers! We hope you can join us for this celebration of hard work and great leadership!

Rank Your Vote Nov. 5!

My advice?  Rank your vote!  This year, we will Rank our Votes in the second Minneapolis election to use Ranked Choice Voting.  From the Star Tribune, to some of the mayoral candidates themselves, to many community leaders, people are talking about who will be their #1, #2, and #3 choices.

How does ranked choice voting work?  If one candidate wins a majority (50% + 1) among all first-place votes, that candidate is the winner. If not, the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is eliminated and the ballots for this candidate are redistributed among the remaining candidates according to the second choices on those ballots. The process continues until one candidate has picked up a majority of votes.

Why rank your vote?  This is the best way to make sure your vote counts!  In a race, like this year’s mayoral contest, with multiple viable candidates, it is unlikely that any one candidate will get a majority by just counting first place votes.  We’ve seen this many times in Minnesota state elections, as no governor has been elected with a majority of votes since Arne Carlson in 1994 (resulting in a plurality winner, not a majority winner).

Ranked-choice voting in Minneapolis
Ranked-choice voting in Minneapolis

What about bullet balloting? Bullet balloting, where you rank only one candidate, or list the same candidate multiple times on your ballot, doesn’t help your favorite candidate.  And it means you may lose some influence in choosing our next mayor, if your only ranked choice is eliminated.  To make sure you have the most influence on our city elections,rank your vote on Nov. 5!

Vote Tuesday, November 5!

Your 8th Ward Voting Precincts (Polling Locations) 

1 – Horn Towers Highrise, 3121 Pillsbury Avenue
2 – Lyndale Community School, 312 34th Street West **NEW LOCATION **
3 – Sabathani Community Center, 310 38th Street East
4 – St. Joan of Arc, 4537 3rd Avenue South
5 – St. Joan of Arc, 4537 3rd Avenue South **NEW LOCATION **
6 – Martin Luther King Park (Multipurpose), 4055 Nicollet Avenue
7 – Martin Luther King Park (Gym), 4055 Nicollet Avenue
8 – Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4120 17th Avenue South

Not sure which precinct you live in? Click HERE to find out or check out your Eighth Ward Map and Voting Precincts

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 7.12.51 PM

With CTUL leaders celebrating six years of organizing strength. The nation is watching these workers and their great work on behalf of fair wages and working conditions. To learn more about the Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) visit:





Great door knock in the Lyndale neighborhood this weekend. Thank you Fair Vote volunteers!

Fair vote

Immigration Reform Rally

Elizabeth stood with 3,000 protesters to demand immigration reform now!  On this national day of action, dozens of cities joined this protest calling on our federal representatives to act.  Elizabeth is proud to be part of a strong coalition that has made demanding immigration reform an official position of the City of Minneapolis on its lobbying agenda.reform rally

38th Street Planning Party.

This Wednesday, come to the CANDO community space to discuss the small area plan for E 38th Street / Chicago Ave and how we can continue to think about the future. Click image for more information.

38th and chicago